Growing Wiser

Emotional Awareness blog

Many people say they grow wiser as they get older but what if we could help teenagers and young adults grow wiser before growing older?

Mentoring teenagers and young adults through these delicate years is crucial, not just for them but for you too.  Whether you are parenting, teaching, or working with 13 - 24 year old's, When they are closed off and not focused, or getting angry and resentful, you are the one left dealing with the situation at hand and unwittingly mentoring them with every word you say.  What would you like their reflection of you to be when they look back and say...

This blog will grow Emotional Awareness tips and strategies, inspirational stories, and modern day takes on ancient wisdoms to help you ease the stress and difficulties of parenting or working with teenagers and young adults to you can be the one they thank, for helping them grow wiser.