Brain Unchained Teen Self Help Book

Emotional Awareness for Teenagers and Young Adults

Teenagers with depression, stress, and anxiety, feel misunderstood, yet the people who know them best are their parents, and sometimes their teachers, yet teens can still feel very isolated and often shut out those trying to help.

This book is no sob story, but a book filled with bitesize bits of information, lessons, quotes, short stories, parent toolbox tips, and exercises for you teenager:
It is not our story, but the result of our story and it's here to help you mentor your own teenager. It is a structured personal development book with a clear strategy on developing emotional awareness and empathy, with tips on building conversation and repairing relationships between teens and parents or teachers.
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Brain-Unchained Emotional Awareness for teenage depression and parenting teens.

Let's be totally honest - the best person to mentor your teenager is you.  You know them best.  You're there for them every day. You see what no one else sees - the real teen behind closed doors.


Brain Unchained can be used by a teenager alone, but the most effective way is for a parent to mentor their teen through the book so you can understand their growth and support the changes they make along the way.

Everyone tells them there's light at the end of the tunnel.  Now they will have the map to guide them through to a fulfilling life of emotional awareness to support them through their journey of depression, stress, anxiety, or just to get a step ahead on life.

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