Brain Unchained Teen Self Help Book

Emotional Awareness for Teenagers and Young Adults

Brain-Unchained Emotional Awareness for teenage depression and parenting teens.

Parenting teens is a job best left to parents, but teenagers hardly come with their own manual.  Until now!

This book is not a sob story: It is the result of our story and it's here to help you mentor your own teenager. It is a structured personal development book with parent toolbox tips.

Parenting is filled with many trials and errors and I encountered plenty. Parenting teenagers is notoriously difficult due to the changes they are going through.  My own son suffered suicidal depression for twelve years on top of all this, and was diagnosed with Asperger's.


I also suffered depression at times, trying to help him, and know how dark and lonely it feels.  How no one seems to be there to support parents, while the support offered for teenagers is often lacking connection with them. 


It's like your teenager is facing that brick wall of depression, yelling that the world is unfair, and can't find the means to turn their life around.  Problem is, they don't exactly come with a manual for these difficult times.

You try and talk to them only to have grunts, groans, doors slammed in temper, or being told that life is different than when you were a teenager.

Brain-Unchained-teenage emotions and the emotional cycle diagram.jpg

Trying to get them to accept help is another minefield.  Months of encouragement to get them to say yes - if you're lucky, and then months of waiting at times to get the appointment, only for them to be having a good day and get dismissed without any further help.

Let's be totally honest - the best person to mentor your teenager is you.  You know them best.  You're there for them every day. You see what no one else sees - the real teen behind closed doors.


Good news is, Brain Unchained is here to help them see the power of change within their control and empower them to turn their life around and even turn to you for support through the process.

Everyone tells them there's light at the end of the tunnel.  Now they will have the map to guide them through to a fulfilling life, filled with emotional intelligence.

Now there is a strategy that helps teenagers and young adults to understand their own emotions. This book is written for them, but it also written for you, their parents.  Each lesson ends with a 'Parent Toolbox' tip for helping you open that conversation with them.

Hugs & Healing


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