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Brain Unchained

Emotional Awareness for Teenagers and Young Adults

Parenting teenage depression is tough and there is help. Learning Emotional Awareness can ease some of the emotional dysregulation associated with depression, stress, anxiety, and mental health challenges associated with the neurodivergent brain.


Brain Unchained is a self-help book, filled with bitesize information, gradual learning, and self-awareness through exercises, and parent toolbox tips, to help teenagers and young adults, discover their own Emotional Awareness, ideally with parental support.


Teenage depression affects families globally. There is often a shortage or resources, or teenagers are reluctant to seek help. This is why Kay Reeve found herself mentoring her own son, creating the strategy in this personal development book to help ease his emotional dysregulation.


This is why Brain Unchained is designed to help parents mentor their own teens. To rebuild trust through exercises that create a safe space for talking.

As a parent, you know your teen better than anyone, and this book will provide you with a blueprint of the emotional cycle, showing there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

This book is not our story - It is the result of our story - to help you.

Book: Brain-Unchained - Emotional Awareness for Teenagers and Young Adults

Book Details

Title: Brain Unchained

ISBN: 1-912547-54-6

Pages: 247

Format Colour - Paperback, Kindle

Format B&W - Paperback

Available Worldwide

Here are a few links to Amazon, for paperback and kindle, but you can find Brain Unchained worldwide on your Amazon platform by searching for Brain Unchained.

Full Colour

Black & White

Kindle Unlimited

Brain Unchained was launched on the 19th January 2021 with an official celebration held in my Facebook Group.  This included pre-recorded interviews, live singing from Tony Cunningham Music, and book readings throughout the day.  My mentor and publisher joined me in interviews below, along with a surprise video review from Cai Graham - author of The Teen Toolbox.


Your book represents an invaluable resource for teenagers and young adults to manage and fully understand their own emotions in order to navigate safely their own personal change.

Tosin Ogunnusi:  UK Number 1 Empowerment Trainer

Author of, "Time To Break Free".


When we got on that zoom call and you told me about the concept of the book, I was overwhelmed. I was like "That's it, I need to get her book published for sure. Like literally DVG Star need to be her publishers."

I know a lot of teenagers this will be so so helpful for them.

Labosshy Mayooran of DVG Star Publishers. 


Whilst there may indeed be “light at the end of the tunnel” - if you don’t know how that tunnel is laid out or indeed how long it is - then these words offer very little reassurance. Kay’s simple but mindful system is the blueprint in finding that light, faster and more easily.

Cai Graham: Mum, Podcaster and International Speaker. Bestselling Author of The TEEN Toolbox™️.


Amazon Review:

One of the best books I've read in a while.  They say simplicity is genius and it's true.

Don't be fooled by the simple concepts in Brain Unchained, as they are life changing.

See the full review on Amazon: 

Brain Uncahined - front and back covers, on a book shelf


Rating: 9.5/10

Kay's book, "Brain Unchained", is like an oxygen tank for the parents of highly sensitive teenagers, In this age where suicide and depression are very common.

Color therapy is remarkable and the goal-setting exercises are extraordinary.

bookswithharpreet - Instagram Book Review

Brain Unchained Reviews
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