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Children's Social Story Books

Children can learn about emotions from an early age through Social Stories, creating a stronger bond between parent and child.  Parents can also learn to understand baby and child's emotions better while reading along with your child.

What it means when Mummy say My Name

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Explore the social meanings between a parent calling their child's name, how a child responds and how it impacts their emotions, in this colourful children's book created for shared reading time.

Have you ever called your child's name only to be blanked, or for them to start crying? 

I asked one of my grandchildren what it means when Mummy calls their name.   Their response was "It means - Come here!"

Once a child has associated their name with a fixed meaning, it may create a cycle of behaviour that's hard to unravel, and becomes frustrating for both child and parent.
On realising the fixed meaning applied to my grandchild's name, it became clear why Mummy was being blanked.  I came home and wrote this story to help them, and to help all parents with children understand that a name has many other special meanings too. 

This book helps a child learn the different tones of voice and actions that help them decipher the meanings of their name being called and in turn, with repeated reading, will help them respond more readily.

When mummy HELPS me find my smile.

Explore the conversations between mother and child as they talk through why a child is sad and how to resolve their emotional issues and bring back a genuinely happy smile.

This social story follows a simplified version of a strategy from my first book Brian Unchained and helps a mother understand through the process of elimination, how to discover why her child is sad. 

This simple strategy applies to other emotions too and can be the beginning of lifelong learning for Emotional Awareness.

There are only FIVE main reasons a child will be sad and the book helps parents understand this through storytelling, while the child with repeated reading, will learn over time to communicate their needs in return.

This book is still in progress and based on a strategy from the Mood Mentor System that has worked for myself, my teenage son, and my first grandchild at 5 weeks old.

Coming Nov/Dec 2023 tbc.



Photo of  Kay Reeve author of Darker than Dark.

Publishing from September 2023 (maybe sooner!)

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