Emotional Awareness Masterclass

Parenting Teens

Learn Emotional Awareness using the Mood Mentor Method

FREE 30 minute taster, Emotional Awareness Masterclasses

To help you decide if Emotional Awareness is right for you, I have recorded a FREE 30 minute class below. After all, you would test drive a car before buying, so why not a masterclass? 


I've made it as simple as click and play.   If you're inspired and want to learn more, check out the range of topics on offer on the calendar below.

Terms and Conditions: All paid bookings are non-refundable and must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

If you enjoyed the video and want to book a masterclass, check out the EventBrite calendar on the Training page.

For One to One sessions and discovery calls, please enquire via the Contact form.


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  • missed a specific masterclass

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Brain Unchained - Teen Self Help Book

With Parent Toolbox Tips

If a masterclass isn't for you but you would like to learn more about the strategies used in the masterclasses check out Kay's book.

Brain Unchained includes the complete Mood Mentor Model strategy.

A self help book for teens, and a parenting teens book in one.

What better way to begin rebuilding those vital bonds than working through life's challenges together.

Learn more about - Brain Unchained