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Book Mentoring

Writing your first book can be daunting, before you even consider the self-publishing process. 


Publishing packages can be costly, while traditional publishing takes time, and leaves you with up to 15% royalties if you're lucky, while taking away some of the control you have over the book and promotions.

That's why I am offering a solution that sits neatly in the middle, with Book Mentoring.

You still have full control over the creation of your book, you do the work, you save the money, and you set the deadlines, but you have support to ensure you are doing the right things in the right order, and to ensure you get over those 'humps' that come with self publishing for the first time.

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Typing Services!

This can include structuring your book, formatting, and knowing what to put in front and behind your content, to make it a book.  The cover is another hurdle that can be daunting with bleed, spine, barcodes etc.  


I can also help with the following, should you need...

AUDIO TYPING: If you have any video or audio recordings you need typing up, for example minutes of a meeting, audio-evidence, or YouTube videos and podcases to turn into blog posts, I can help with these as one-off tasks or on a regular basis.

DICTATION: If you have some urgent letters to send and need a dictation service, I can help with that too, or would rather create a book via dictation than audio, anything is possible.

CLOSED CAPTIONS: Video technology is great with closed captions being auto-generated however there are still some set-backs.  They don't produce punctuation and can caption certain words incorrectly.  If you would like captions proofed and corrected, with punctuation, this makes video's appear more professional.

FORMATTING: If you have created a document that needs a more professional look, I can format all text, fonts, headers, insert indexes, and more. 

EXTRA EYES, PROOF READING: so you've created an amazing website, or brochure, and it's looking really professional, but is the spelling and grammar as professional?  There's nothing more off putting to a potential client, than key words being spelled incorrectly. 

More about Kay: 

  • My focus is on Non-fiction authors

  • I have advance training on MS Word & Excel

  • I have written adult non-fiction and currently writing two children's books

  • I can create books in Word or Canva, Paperback, hardback and Kindle.

  • I can convert various file types to PDF in a publication-ready format.

To enquire please use the contact form below to enquire about book mentoring services​. 

For other book enquiries, please use themain contact page.

PRICE QUOTES will be itemised per task and based on an hourly rate of £30 for typing, or £10 for basic proof reading.  Work will begin once the quote is accepted and payment made.

Request typing Services

Thank you for for contacting me.  I will be in touch soon.

Freelance Typing service, Fakenham, Norfolk
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