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Darker than Dark

A colour filled journey of mindfulness

My first mindfulness book in what will become a series in 2023, Darker than Dark combined my own passion for photography, with a poem, inspired by my own journey with mental health, to create a book that introduces mindfulness in full colour to entice all the senses.

Each verse of poetry sits on a lone page, complemented by a facing photograph, which takes you on a journey from darkness to full colour through the book, filled with inspiration for mindful moments, and an opportunity to just breathe.

Following the two part poem, there are a number of my favourite photographs with sensory descriptions on how to initiate your senses, use mindfulness and take a mini-break from your day.

Great as a self-retreat book, or to learn compassion for those affected by depression, and inspiration to seek beauty in the little things around you through mindfulness.


Mindfulness Book, Darker than Dark by Kay Reeve

Full Colour

Photo of  Kay Reeve author of Darker than Dark.

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Starting 20th March till 9th April 2023


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