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12 Weeks Personal Development Tracker

My new YouTube Playlists are a series of daily activities and videos to help you whether you are a parent, teacher, employer, teenager or young adult.  This FREE series is aimed at helping you relax, find inner peace, grow in confidence, and get into the right frame of mind to start your personal development journey, or help you lower your own stress levels while supporting others through challenging times.

The series starts on YouTube 12th July 2021 and will run for 12 weeks.

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Continuing from the 28 day challenge, is a live talk every Tuesday at 7pm GMT
If you want to watch LIVE or take part in the chat, you can ask Kay or her guests any questions via the chat function on Facebook or YouTube
If you can't watch live, you can ask questions in the chat beforehand and catch it on replay later.

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Free PDF Download - 28 Days to Cry

How Kay's life changed in 2020, beginning a
28 Day Video Challenge - Live on Facebook
Creating 28 hours of FREE mentoring online.

What happened when Kay found herself in Lockdown2 living alone for the first time after her marriage fell apart, having lost her job too...

Kay got online and invited guests to share their stories of triumph out of challenge, creating her own show about emotional awareness to inspire others. 
This story and all 28 video links are in the PDF download.
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