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Continuing from the 28 day challenge, Kay's live Emotional Awareness Discussion takes place every Tuesday at 7pm GMT with guest speakers and inspiring stories.

All previous talks are available on Kay's 52 Week Emotional Awareness Discussions PlayList

12 Weeks Personal Development Tracker

My new YouTube Playlist a building a series of daily activities and videos to help you whether you are a parent, teacher, employer, teenager or young adult.  This FREE series is aimed at helping you relax, find inner peace, grow in confidence, and get into the right frame of mind to start your personal development journey, or help you lower your own stress levels while supporting others through challenging times.

The series starts on YouTube 12th July 2021 and will run for 12 weeks.

Get your FREE planner here with links to the individual playlists.

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Free PDF Download - 28 Days to Cry

Includes 28 Hours of FREE Facebook Live Talks

When Kay found herself in lockdown alone, she challenged herself to an hour's conversation a day 'live' on Facebook, finding guests with stories to tell to connect them with people looking for inspiration.

This PDF download includes Kay's story leading to being in lockdown alone, and the links to all 28 live video talks.

The Emotional Cycle - Free Printout

Kay's work revolves around a visual understanding of The Emotional cycle.

Feel free to print this basic version of the emotional cycle to aid discussion with teenagers, or to help understand your own stress, anxiety and even depression.

Use in conjuncion with the book Brain Unchained, or to take inspiration from the list of podcasts and interviews where Kay has discussed the emotional cycle.