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About Kay

Kay Reeve - Author & TEDx Speaker
Kay Reeve and her son Matthew

Parenting has been the most rewarding time of my life, even though it has been the hardest. 


It was the lessons learned from parenting teens, plus personal development for my own wellbeing, that led me to discover the secret of teaching emotional awareness.

I began my mission to spread

Emotional Awareness for teenagers

in 2017 with a TEDx Talk called

Tackling Teenage Depression 


I shared the journey I went through as a parent, helping my own son through chronic depression. That's him on the left, support me the day I gave the speech.  He is now an aspiring Horror Author.

Realising in 2022 that I have ADHD and still waiting an official diagnosis, I have also realised the last year, why full-meditation has been an unbearable thought, while mindfulness has become a favourite and regular practice for years.  Being mindful takes anything from a few seconds to a few minutes to make a difference to my day.

Through my passions, for parenting, writing, photography, and an occasional dabble in poetry, I have pieced together two amazing books 'so far', to inspire others to never give up hope.

Never give up!

When my son had recovered from depression, he said one day:

"I now know why steel is forged in the fire. 

The more you go through it, the tougher you get!" 

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