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In a world where virtual and zoom training is the new norm, providing Emotional Awareness training online gives so much flexibility and a stress free experience.


See services offered below and contact me to discuss  your needs.

Training built around your needs...


Mentoring for Parents: I can offer 1-1 support for parents who are struggling with a teenager who won't accept support for fear of stigma, or feels their relationship with their teenager is strained and unsure how to reconnect.  Please note this is a private service with a price and not low cost or free support.  I truly believe that parents are the best mentors for their own children and teenagers, which is why I wrote Brain Unchained. If you still feel it would be of benefit to you as a parent, please contact me as below.

Mentoring for staff: 1-1 support and training can be provided for the right client.  This is ideal for head teachers, educational or work staff working with young adults, who want to grow their empath skills by learning emotional awareness in context with their work.  This is in strict confidentiality and can be conducted via zoom.  In-house (not in-home) mentoring or coffee-shop options may be available later this year in North Norfolk.


Zoom Training: Worldwide. Speeches, training and and presentations can be delivered over zoom for your school, charity, organisation, workplace or organised event.  Use the contact page to discuss your needs from an hour to a full day, or a series of training sessions.   

Masterclasses:  I offer occasional pre-set masterclasses on EventBrite that parents and adults in the education sector can book in with.  These include parenting teens, creating safe space for talking, and other related topics.  Follow the page for updates on new class dates.