Brain Unchained Teen Self Help Book

Kay Reeve is the author of Brain Unchained - a book created to help teenagers, young adults, and parents, to understand the four core emotions and build a strategy for emotional awareness and positive emotional change. 


Shining a torch on depression and raising emotional awareness in teenagers and young adults.

Kay Reeve - Author of Brain Unchained

Kay Reeve's Mood Mentor Model.  

Kay's Mood Mentor Model above, is her strategy developed for creating emotional awareness and a blueprint for managing emotions for life.


The Emotional Cycle Diagram, pictured right represents the four core emotions and why they change. A way of making hypothetical conversations about emotions, a visual aid and something to talk over that can be seen and discussed with the aid of the book.


H.E.L.P.S. and F.L.I.T.E. break our complex world of challenges down into just five possible changes and five root causes.  A solid starting point for working through any challenges and learning the emotional intelligence to deal with them effectively.


Using the Mood Mentor Method, and the emotional cycle diagram below, Brain Unchained helps teenagers, young adults, and parents, navigate the stresses of teen years and parenting more easily.

A parent toolbox at the end of each section creates a toolbox for talking.  A valuable resource for parenting teens or working with teenagers and young adults, so you become the mentor they trust and turn to in times of need.

Teenage depression is not always avoidable, but there is a way to help make it easier. 


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