Brain Unchained Teen Self Help Book

Teenage depression is higher than ever, while parenting teens gets more challenging in a world where change is constant.

Kay Reeve says her son did not come with a manual so she wrote one.  After struggling with her son's depression for years, Kay felt like his emotional paramedic, constantly trying to talk him out of depressive episodes and even suicidal thoughts.  She eventually devised a way to help her son learn emotional awareness, starting with the core emotions, and building on it till it became her book 'Brain Unchained'.

This unique book is written in bitesize lessons for easy reading, providing a Self help book for teenagers and Parenting Teens Book in one

Shining a torch on depression and raising emotional awareness in teenagers and young adults.


Kay Reeve's Mood Mentor Model forms the framework of her strategy in Brain Unchained, teaching emotional awareness to help teenagers self manage depression where possible.  

Mood Mentor Model as shown above, is Kay's strategy for creating emotional awareness and helping your teenager discover a valuable blueprint, of how to understand their emotions.  This can be helpful also for finding their core values, their strenghts and weaknesses, and enhance their ability to choose the right career options to suit them.


The Emotional Cycle Diagram, pictured top, A way of helping raise conversation around invisible emotions, by using a visual aid for learning emotional awareness, why depression happens, and how to create positive changes for life.


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