Kay Reeve - Author of Brain Unchained

I'm Kay Reeve. I understand why being a teenager is as tough. So is being a mum when your teenager is chronically depressed and suicidal, as my son was for twelve years.

I am however a strong and determined parent. I would never give up trying, till I found a way to help my son. Now I'm here to help you too. 


As the creator of the Mood Mentor Method, I found a way to make Emotional Awareness a visible mentoring tool. I used this method to structure by book Brain Unchained to share the power of understanding your core emotions. Explore the site to learn more.

This book in my opinion is a must read for all teenagers, young adults and parents who have children within this age group. Superb effort Kay, in getting your book, "Brain Unchained" out in such a curious time for teenagers and young adults going through these uncertain times.


Your book represents an invaluable resource for teenagers and young adults to manage and fully understand their own emotions in order to navigate safely their own personal change.

Tosin Ogunnusi - UK Number 1 Empowerment Trainer - Author of, "Time To Break Free"

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