Brain Unchained Teen Self Help Book

Kay Reeve is the author of Brain Unchained - a book created to help teenagers, young adults, and parents, to understand the four core emotions and build a strategy for emotional awareness and positive emotional change. 

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Shining a torch on depression and raising emotional awareness in teenagers and young adults.

Kay Reeve - Author of Brain Unchained

Kay Reeve's Mood Mentor Model.  

Kay Reeve's Mood Mentor Model is a strategy for 'visual awareness' using the Emotional Cycle Diagram, pictured on the back cover of the book.


Using the Mood Mentor Method, Brain Unchained becomes a blueprint for navigating their way out of darkness and depression, into finding their own light.

A parent toolbox at the end of each section creates a toolbox for talking.  A valuable resource for parenting teens.

Brain Unchained - teen self-help book, young adult personal development book
Each section of Brain Unchained is completed with a Parent Tool Box, making this an equally valuable support book for parenting teenagers.
Available in Paperback as Full Colour or Black & White
Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (fixed page format)
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